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About Me

My journey to this; My name is Nathan Clegg,  I am an artist and musician who has always had a strong interest in the effects of sounds and vibrations and music on our emotions and well-being. After some years receiving Sound Baths it was during one of these sessions that I felt a strong desire and the inspiration to start practicing. 

I have experienced numerous healing therapies over the years, and it is sound healing with which I have most connected. It made perfect sense to me. 

I am 47 years old and currently living in Bedfordshire.  I work in Music and Sound Therapy, self employed with my own business, I provide Music Workshops and Sound Baths.

One workshop is an active Percussion / Music session; a session where I'll share around lots of percussion instruments, drums, tambourines, shakers and more, and will get everyone playing simple beats together and making music and then playing, singing and dancing along to some of their favourite tunes.


The second is a passive Sound Bath session where people can switch off and relax, seated or laying down, as I play a selection of specially chosen instruments which create a deep relaxed state.

I currently also work with Music24 providing music therapy and other music-related activities to various groups in Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire. We specialise in providing community music therapy groups, community choirs, singing cafes and one-to-one music therapy. The charity works with a number of groups including adults with learning disabilities, mental health conditions, neuro-disabilities, people with dementia and their carers and those who are elderly/frail.         

I also work for "Living It Up Performing Arts Centre." Working with Adults with Learning Difficulties, providing Music, Theatre, Dance and Arts classes.


After years  receiving different therapies including Reiki, Shi-atsu, Massage, Vippassana meditation, and practicing some,  I started developing my skills working with sound and music for deep relaxation and started practicing in June 2013,  the very first session  was so gratefully received and the positive feedback from so many people inspired me to continue on this path.

My interest in sound healing developed through my fascination with quantum physics, and the perfect way in which science and spirituality combine in the field of sound healing. Everything that exists is vibration. All matter, light and sound are energy vibrating at different frequencies. Everything we can see, and everything we cannot is vibrating energy.

Sound vibration can be used to carry healing energy to the body, to focus on a specific intention for healing.

Quote after one of my sessions. “It reminds me how we are supposed to feel”

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