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Percussion Workshops

Music and percusion workshops can be performed in a one-to-one or group setting.

Learning basic beats and rhythms.

It is amazing how quickly, with a few small simple tricks, you can simply produce percussive beats and rhythms, and how many people are shocked to see themselves suddenly making music.

Beginning by using hand drums, tambourines and shakers I will show you how to perform simple beats which once then combined make patterns and rhythms. Then more harmonic instruments can be added.


I can also bring along a small PA system allowing us to sing and dance to our favourite tunes.


Our body has a whole number of rhythms:

Heartbeat - normally between 60 and 75 beats per minute (Resting 60 / Average activity 72)

Breath - normally 14 to 16 breaths per minute

Cranio-sacral pulse - 8 to12 times per minute

Gastrointestinal tract - contracts once a minute

Stomach - contracts every three minutes

Brain waves - waking state 18 to 22 cycles per second

Body temperature - changes from day to night

All these rhythms will be affected by the drumbeat.


When we are in a state of stress our heart beat can increase to 87 beats per minute. When we are deeply relaxed this rate will fall to around 57 beats per minute.

The regular rhythm of the drumbeat will entrain our heartbeat to its rhythm. In a session it is possible take a person's pulse to determine their heart rate then begin playing at that rate. Over a period of ten minutes the drum beat can be reduced to a lower rate to help the person relax.

(Article written by Simon Heather who is Principal of The College of Sound Healing.)

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